New Poem: The Wonder

Spindly strings of light emitted
from a lit computer screen –
nimble fingers hover over
keys that seem to twist and turn –

How put into words a world
so twisted and original –
how express with merely words
the strangeness of it all –

Dust that settles on the keyboard –
five long years of not a word –
light that flickers over letters
barely recognizable –

Yet I ponder, yet I wonder
at the ancient mystery –
how put into words a world
so beyond both you and me?

Yes, this is my first poem in a few years. It came much more naturally than I would have expected though, which is a relief.

Imagine sitting alone up at night, horrified by news stories and the weirdness of people’s lies on social medie, staring at the flickering light of a computer screen and a backlit keyboard, fingers hovering over the keys… And the wonder of it all too immense to get a single word out. That’s what it’s been like for me lately.

Published By: K-M Skalkenæs

Danish poet, writer and painter. Writings include her own original poetry in English and Danish, and translations of poetry from the Scandinavian languages and German into English.

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