Du holdt om min arm – solen skinnede – vi snakkede – vi grinede – det var varmt selvom det var tidligt på året – du rystede på hovedet så solens reflekser dryssede ud af håret – Du overskinnede solen […]

I Cried Today

I cried today. Perhaps I shouldn’t say it. I thought of you although I’d better not. I sighed today although I shouldn’t do it. I thought of days I should’ve just forgot. It’s no good now remembering or forgetting. Results […]


I can no longer say that you belong to me since I set you free and you didn’t return but rather went away No, it makes more sense saying I belong to you, it’s unmistakably true that all of my […]

As If By…

A smell as if by flowers wafts towards me. Golden waves glide on a non-existing wind. A landscape in completion is before me. And yet it constantly seems to unwind. You smile and yet it does not reach your eye. […]


shock to feel – after all these years those arms around me; that dream, that phantom, that despair – I had no words and couldn’t shed a tear, I saw you and I saw you not; I wanted to say, […]