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Will I Ever Write Again?

It feels like years since I’ve written anything. It has technically been over one year since I last wrote a poem. The thought of writing does sometimes come up, but I never have the time. My love of poetry is […]

New Poem: “Silence Reigns”

I feel you still.Your silent voice remainsringing in my ears.My hands reachfor nothing.My eyes searchfor nothing.My heartless heartrefuses to forget.26 years of you.26 years of memories,thoughts and dreams.Gone.Yet I’m still here.Feeling all the love.The aimless love.The homeless love.It haunts me,like […]

New Poem: “Secret”

I’ve traced your featureswith my fingertipsa thousand timesunfelt –I know each line and fold,each angle, curveas were they partof myself – And yet you stand thereuntouchable and freenot knowing a thingabout me – My fingers feeling things they never felt […]