What is the greatest source of inspiration? What can really make you contemplate and urge you forward to complete something? Well, if you’re happy and content you might never see the point of changing anything, right? You cannot know the […]

The Possible Connection

I am rumored to be a rather cynical person. In some ways it’s true. But when it comes to the internet, and its powers to connect people and share knowledge on a scale previously unsurpassed – I was all starry-eyed […]

So Tired

I am tired of searching for something I’m not sure to find. I am tired of writing words I’m not sure I even understand. I am tired of editing poems written years ago and try to make amends for visions […]

Golden Delicious

rays of light above your head illuminate your hidden fate within my heart I call your name: Golden Delicious your beauty fills me with shame Golden Delicious your eyes are alight they make me cast a shadow cast away my […]