Fingerprints etched with a finely sharpened tool into the stone Someone may have wanted to preserve a moment here They should have known that all they could effect was a memorable stone to stand behind; brooding at the passing of […]

The Identity Quest(ion)

A debate has been raging lately about identity in art. Can an artist portray someone from whose ethnic group / gender one doesn’t belong? Is is permissible to even do that? Doesn’t it further stereotypes? Doesn’t it further bias? Isn’t […]

To Sign or Not To Sign

I am frequently asked to sign my paintings. I don’t want to. It’s not that I can’t understand that the person who gets the painting would want it signed – I mean, it is more convenient for them. But it […]

Art and Memory – fragment

Art is a creation that is based on human memory, which is, as you already know, imperfect and highly selective. Why claim that artists “lie”? They can’t wring more out of themselves than what they are given to work with. […]

A Note on the Nature of Art

Art is merely a form of communication. Each form of art a different form of communication. But still just forms of communication. And it is the thing communicated that matters; not really the way in which it is being communicated. […]

Your Skin

A pale shining light cast in darkness; a dream tapestry on which I might imprint my desires and write my hopes – with or without your knowledge then I’ll cloak you in them till your days are spent