New Poem: “words from inside the cage”

here i sit again – a square bug light illuminating everything –
showing me a world wherein i have no wish to live –
yet cannot escape –

alcohol cancels out the pain – for a little while –
my thoughts however press on and on –
how to escape this existence once and for all?

if this was any other time, an airline ticket would suffice –
but now? an epidemic lays such plans to waste –
so here i sit and stare, getting nowhere –

losing sleep and losing mind a bit day by day –
the thoughts that work would normally cancel out
gain ground every day –

and i find that i do not wish to repel
any one of them –
there’s not one of those thoughts
i don’t wish that i’d thought
before this time –

outside of this cage – when the world returns –
there’s no going back for me –
no caging the thoughts once allowed to run free –

Published By: K-M Skalkenæs

Danish poet, writer and painter. Writings include her own original poetry in English and Danish, and translations of poetry from the Scandinavian languages and German into English.

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