Fjord Fisherman at Dawn

Wave after wave, come carry me away
from home on shore before the break of day
my nets to set, my duties to attend,
(revisiting the ones who earlier went
whose ghosts now hover in the mist at dawn
above the waves who stole and hide their form;
I breathe mist in, I breathe it out again
in silent conversation with you now again)

Fish scales that glitter on the deck below my feet,
a pace away the sea awaits me – cold and deep –
how many of you fishermen before my time
have fallen for this childhood love of mine
now resting on the bottom of its shrine?
I hear your voices on the morning breeze,
in splashings when the boats the surface tease;
I sense your presence, you who are long gone,
but it’s not yet the day for me; I’m heading home

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