About Me

So, the important question is: Who Am I?

That question is actually so hard to answer that I’ve had to devote several poems to the topic. See for instance “Who and What I Am”, or “Who I Am”.

All jokes aside;
I am a Danish poet / writer / translator and pictorial artist. I run this site in order to have a handy publishing platform for my work which I self-publish.

Aside from this, I have also worked as a web developer / web – and -graphic designer, and is currently applying for Danish Law School. I also read a lot, listen to loads of music and grow vegetables.

My Pseudonym Is K-M Skalkenæs

I have used several pseudonyms over time, and for different reasons.

The first pseudonym I used was “Evan”. Why? Well, I wasn’t very old and/or very sure of myself, and publishing things in my own name made me uncomfortable. It felt so conclusive, and I didn’t feel – in a sense – emotionally prepared to tie my identity down to being a poet. It was easier to split that part out – especially as I wasn’t even that serious about writing in the first place.

Afterwards, it became “K. Llewellyn”. Why? Well, the K is my first initial, so that part is genuine enough. The reason why I didn’t write it out was because I didn’t want to immediately give away my gender, seeing as some people couldn’t abstract from it, and seemed completely incapable of understanding the texts as soon as they realized they were written by a woman. That bothered me enough to obfuscate my gender for a couple of years until I decided that it was really their loss.
The surname is Llewellyn mostly because I didn’t write in Danish anyway, so I didn’t think it made sense to use a Danish surname, and I thought “Llewellyn sounds nice”.

K-M Skalkenæs is the newest pseudonym, and I plan to stick with it. K-M is my initials. Skalkenæs is the place I come from. Plain and simple.

My Real Name Is Katrine-Marie Burmeister

After taking a break from writing in order to complete an education, grow a bit older, and see the quality of my writing improve, I did kind of start writing in my own name (Katrine-Marie Burmeister). However, the habit of having a pseudonym had just become so ingrained that it was difficult to stop.

It is such a handy way of separating different parts of one’s life. In my daily life, I have one name; as a poet, another.

That way, K-M Skalkenæs came to life. It reflects my roots, and as a name, it just feels more right than any of the others.