About Me

I am a Danish poet / writer / translator and pictorial artist. I run this site in order to have a handy publishing platform for my writings.

Apart from that, I have also worked as a web developer and e-commerce manager, run my own cleaning company, and sold organic skincare products from popup shops. I am currently a student of Corporate Law and Finance, hoping to one day use said education to the benefit of small business owners in need of legal or financial advice.

I also read a lot, listen to loads and loads of music and grow my own vegetables.

What Do I Write About?

Nature. Time. The ephemeral nature of everything that surrounds us. All the messy emotional stuff. Anger. Alienation. Family stuff. Back to nature for consolation. Watching a sunset. Listening to birdsong. Sailing. Relationships gone wrong. Feeling trapped in the city. Longing for meaning and purpose in life. Loneliness. Loss. Observing the grace with which some people are capable of moving. Marvelling at the beauty of a falling leaf. Getting drunk. Getting even drunker. Depression. Listening to music. Falling in love.

Anything that feels real and meaningful to me, really. But I think it’s safe to say that I started out focusing on the beautiful and pure that kept the grime of everyday life at bay – and today I do the exact opposite, seeking to get the grime out of the system and put it to constructive use in poetry.

I haven’t had an easy life so far. But at least it’s made for a lot of poetry, and I guess that’s got to count for something. It had better.

My Pseudonym Is K-M Skalkenæs

I have used several pseudonyms over time, and for different reasons.

I’m not going to list all of them here, since they have each served their purpose and are therefore better left in the past. But I will say that they started out a far cry from who I am in reality, and moved closer and closer to my real identity as I became more comfortable with who I am and what I was writing.

K-M Skalkenæs is the pseudonym I ended up sticking with. K-M being my initials. Skalkenæs is a lesser-known name for the place I come from. Plain and simple.

But why even use a pseudonym?

Well, after taking a break from writing in order to complete an education, grow a bit older, and see the quality of my writing improve, I did kind of start writing in my own name for a while. It didn’t feel right though. It made everything too “real” and messy and difficult somehow. Just like how it feels when I write in Danish instead of English. It just becomes too personal, and consequently too difficult to publish.

A pseudonym is such a handy way of separating out different parts of one’s life. In my daily life, I have one name; and as a poet, another.

That way, K-M Skalkenæs came to life. It reflects my roots, it feels like “me”, and yet it is still a separate “identity” – untarnished by my daily life.