How Painting Improves Poetry

I have jumped back and forth over time, choosing one art form over the other – not for lack of interest, but simply because it felt natural at the time to devote myself to one or the other.

Over time however, I discovered that they fed into and enriched one another. Something that I honestly had not seen coming.

Painting (or drawing) enhances your perception of what’s all around you, because you need to see it in order to portray it. That again can easily translate into poetry because of the enhanced perception, leading you to see and reflect on many things you might’ve otherwise missed.

Also, there needn’t be a strict line drawn between the two art forms. If you can visualize a scene in your mind, you can choose to either sketch it or write it down (provided you can find the words).

Here below you can see a few snapshots of my recent pictorial artwork:

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