Distant One

Though you can read there is no guarantee that you should ever seek out word from me though I have written countless poems too solely addressing, solely seeking you. But if in distant reach, in other country, you should find […]

I Watch You Sleep

With golden strings inwoven like tiny light-beams, with sunshine interwoven in your hair, you rest in dreams, your head upon my chest with the golden hair cloven into two braids of mild unrest With eyelids flickering observing your dreams, you […]

in sunlight

on a hillside in the sunlight, heated only on one side while the other remains cold, you stand, covering your eyes with your hand, watching the skies growing paler all the while they approach the horizon so dark and yet […]

Your Skin

A pale shining light cast in darkness; a dream tapestry on which I might imprint my desires and write my hopes – with or without your knowledge then I’ll cloak you in them till your days are spent

In the Rain

I want to see the raindrops in your hair, after a summer shower, warmly refreshing, resembling the pearl necklace which you bear, (the one he bought you), shimmering white and fair as beautiful as your shining eyes and ivory skin […]

I Cried Today

I cried today. Perhaps I shouldn’t say it. I thought of you although I’d better not. I sighed today although I shouldn’t do it. I thought of days I should’ve just forgot. It’s no good now remembering or forgetting. Results […]