What Does Poetry Mean To Me?

All my life I’ve been struck by two things: How poetry can bring people together through the power of shared experiences, and express terribly difficult things in an easy to understand way. How little people care about poetry. Quite often, […]

Channeling Hardship into Poetry

For a long time, I accused myself of having “writer’s block” when nothing worthwhile appeared on paper for a month or two. However, I began to notice a pattern in these “block” periods. They weren’t at all signs of lost […]

Hiding Behind Poetry

There are days when I still can’t believe that I actually have an online presence. That I actually have the courage to publish anything. And truthfully, without a pseudonym, there’s a good chance that I wouldn’t do so. I will […]

How Nature Discourages Writing

I used to be inspired by nature, more than anything. But these days? Well, things have changed. It used to be a comforting thought that nature was an endless series of cycles, replenishing themselves. But that isn’t technically true anymore […]