About fjordscene.com

What is Fjordscene – and how did it originate?

fjordscene.com is a website that was first launched in 2011 as the pet project of the poet K-M Skalkenæs. That’d be me (why, hello there!).

Back then, fjordscene.com was a simple blog site on a hosted platform, offering limited options in terms of layout and categorizing content.

It worked back then as an easy way to publish my poetry without having the technical knowledge I possess today. However, the bulk of my production grew tremenduously in size over a very short period of time, and eventually the old site just didn’t meet my requirements any longer.

For instance; it soon proved impractical to not be able to properly search or filter poems. Both for the users, and certainly for me when I went looking for something specific. Therefore, I made the hard decision to close down the previous version of the site in december 2017, in order to develop a new and better one, that could scale with the content.

Therefore, I moved to another hosting provider in March 2018, and started all over.

The current version, and future plans

The new version of the site launched the 16th of March 2018 and had been rebuilt from scratch.

At the time, the focus was on rebuilding Fjordscene, re-branding it, and uploading new and edited versions of all the content. All properly categorized, tagged, and searchable!

On the 29th of April 2019 a complete redesign of the site was launched, bringing the site forwards by miles in terms of navigation and usability.

What I would like to do at a later date, is translate the site into multiple languages. At least into my native Danish.

Later yet, integrating a shop module enabling me to sell my poetry collections and other written works as eBooks, and later again as ‘Print on Demand’ books.

But for now; browse the content – see what you can get out of it – and enjoy yourselves!

All the best,
K-M Skalkenæs