Oh, I’ve learned a lesson or ten.
Never what I was intended to learn.

I was meant to behave,
I was meant to conform,
I was meant to work
and grow used to the norm.

I turned out differently.

For years I thought I should
hate who I was.

I was meant to behave
like the other teens.
But I was unable
by any means.

Always somehow out of step.

It took me thirty years to see
what a gift that was.

When you either can’t
or won’t conform,
you are free to live
outside the norm.

You are free to do what you want to do.

To be yourself, and say what you mean,
to work for yourself, and think and dream.

I look back at the others
with pity today –
I note their sacrifices
and go my own way.

I was left by the wayside – a marvellous place.
I get to observe.
I set my own pace.

I can never be what others can be.
So instead I get to be free.

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