If you’ve been here before, you can plainly see there’s been some changes. Let me explain.

I have started writing again. After scrambling to put together the last collection, which I never felt satisfied with, I took a much-needed break. But that is now over.

I am over-hauling everything. Going through all the content. Re-doing the last collection. Uploading the new collection I am working on once it’s ready. And most obviously: Changing up the design. Because the old one felt dated, to say the least.

I may also be retiring some of the older content, that I (quity frankly) feel a bit ashamed of looking back on with decades-older eyes. So if there’s a particular piece that really speaks to you, I suggest you download it – or give me a heads up through the contact form so you’re sure I’ll leave it up.

Anyway. Suggestions are welcome.

And otherwise, I’m glad you’ve read this far. I hope you’ll continue reading.

And stay tuned for some major changes around here.

With love,

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