New Poem: “What’s New?”

I may look the 30 now –
but I feel like 3 inside –
I’ve been thrown around a lot by life
but never really lived, besides
I still don’t have a clue
how others can survive

Behind the impassive face
that people expect to hide
something else than it actually does
I cry in silent rage –

I see people flit about me –
I can’t comprehend their choices –
they wipe their thoughts off on me
and never ask about mine –
and I still don’t have a clue
why that might be

I wish my voice rang louder,
speaking words they’d understand –
I know I may look 30 now
but all I seem to have learned until now
is how to be silent, invisible
and never let them know
a thing of what goes on inside
and how I wish that I
could tell them all to leave me be
without being asked the inevitable

Published By: K-M Skalkenæs

Danish poet, writer and painter. Writings include her own original poetry in English and Danish, and translations of poetry from the Scandinavian languages and German into English.

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