Illusion of security surrounding everywhere –
I’m tired of it –
tired of never getting anywhere –
tired of people complaining
about complaints
other people made
about complaints
they found on the internet –
I don’t care if my neighbour smokes
or listens to music late at night –
it’s called life.
I do it too!
Don’t you?

This illusion of safety needs to go –
people need to start living.
If not, they’ll never really care
enough to fix the real problems
since they’re too busy inventing problems
out of nothing
in order to avoid solving
the actual ones.

I’m so tired of these people
and all their opinions.
Opinions as excuse
for not doing anything –
blame others,
make others work –
and hope you never have to.

I’m so tired of thinking
since it never solves anything.
I didn’t spend five years on a degree
since I didn’t want to waste my time
(which is limited, since, surprisingly, I am human)
on merely thinking
instead of working –
doing things –
solving problems – !
And for that decision I am discredited
by those who chose that direction.
And I’m not sure they even chose –
perhaps they were pushed
and weren’t smart or creative enough
to ever consider alternatives.

And working is so damn hard
in comparison.

This is art – but not beautíful –
and therefore it will be discredited
as not being art
by those who care so much about veiling things
that they can no longer handle truth at all.

You don’t know who you are
and that’s the real problem!

I want to spit it all out now –
all the lodged up words about this society
and the frustrations about this
indifferent people, insufferable country
that I love –

But I don’t think my country will understand
since it is too small
to encompass many opinions and voices –
and mine is one of the ones left out –

Never mind. I’ll scream if I have to.
Write English if I have to.
In a small country
you might have to.

I am tired of small countries
closing around themselves –
blinding themselves –
refusing to acknowledge
that they don’t exist in a vacuum.
That no person exists in a vacuum.

I’m tired of procrastination –
of older generations
letting younger generations’ future
slip through their fingers
with endless complaints –
in words to veil non-existing solutions –
I don’t want to blame others for problems.
I’ll take my share of the blame.
We all make mistakes –
it’s just so hard to earn up to.

I’d rather extend my horizon
beyond this small country
and this small selection of people
and see the beauty this world could hold
if people allowed it its place.

The illusion of security needs to go –
the illusion of being somehow special.
The illusion that the here and now
is good enough
and the future far away –

If not
the next illusion 
is the illusion of life –

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