1. In order to believe in a future that is better than the present, you must either be an idiot, a lunatic – or the kind of genius who is capable of imagining things that will never come to be, and yet believe in them anyway.
  2. It is remarkable that there can be so much beauty in nature and in the animal kingdom, when humans are as ugly as they are. 
  3. It is yet more remarkable that the ugliest creature in the world believes itself created in the image of God. Such blind arrogance is truly astonishing.
  4. People keep telling me to plan for the future. I humor them. Mostly because telling them that there IS no future and they helped destroy it leads to nothing but conflict. Worse yet; a conflict that affects no change.
  5. Having children in an age of destruction such as the one we live in – that is the ultimate act of selfishness. Actively participating in destroying the world through excessive air travel, general spending, and overuse of technology – yet still choosing to have children? Do you believe that they exist to clean up your mess, or do you simply not care what world you provide for them? I would rather not hear you answer either, but if neither of those turns out to be the truth, the only alternative is idiocy and egotism on your part.
  6. The true nature of a human is that of a parasite. It exhausts its host, drains it of all sustenance, and moves on to the next possible host once it kills off the initial one. The host being, in this case, the Earth. There are no more places to colonize on this planet. So why not explore the Moon or Mars? Sadly, there are no nearby planets that would be hospitable to us. So either we have to completely alter our basic nature, or accept that we are bound to perish.
  7. The parasitic nature of humanity is most easily seen from the air. Cities look remarkably like cancer cells seen from above, with their pulses of light spreading out in all directions – contaminating their surroundings.
  8. Human beings are extremely skilled at one thing only: Destroying everything they come across. Including themselves.
  9. People place so much value on life, and yet they spent so much time making life unbearable for both themselves and each other. And then they whine and mope about death. And then they die.
  10. As if the whole concept of “life” in the first place wasn’t miserable enough without throwing human meddling into the mix. Ideally, having a limited life span should motivate people to really do something worthwhile with their time. In reality, they waste their time – and do so at the expense of the next generation. 
  11. Knowing that life is a time limited show makes people scared. And fear makes people stupid. 
  12. I wouldn’t be this cynical today if I hadn’t once believed that there was some good in humanity that might lead us towards a better future that might actually be worth living in. But that all came to nothing. Because in truth, the only thing that truly motivates humans are hate and anger. Social media proves that in abundance. 
  13. The only one it makes sense to be angry at is yourself. 
  14. We pride ourselves in our intelligence and believe that it makes us better than the animals. But we are worse than them. Because we still behave in a bestial manner towards one another despite having the ability to change that the animals do not have. And we do not truly attempt to change.
  15. I understand why so many people choose to not see the state that the world is in. Because seeing all that is exhausting and it makes them feel powerless. And if there’s anything humans do not like, feeling powerless is close to the top of the list. Especially when the feeling was created by themselves and they have nowhere else to place the blame.
  16. Blaming others is so easy. Taking responsibility is so hard. And humans are too lazy to really go for the hard choices.
  17. This world is better than us. We pollute it. Yet it created us. We are a lesser being – a watered-down version of our true potential that has been denied us.
  18. The greatest gift in this world is to know that there is a way out of it. Nothing else can provide that degree of solace. Being immortal, seeing over time how everything is laid to waste, that would be torture. Escaping before everything one cared for is gone on the other hand, that is merciful. 
  19. I can absolutely understand why people choose to believe in some religion. Because what else do you have to hold onto in a world where everything constantly changes and/or disappears? Where at least a part of you is constantly afraid? Off-laying the dealing with those feelings and pretending that none of it matters is a much simpler solution, and most people do not have a mind that is suited for more than simple solutions. 
  20. The problem is that placing “simple” and “solution” in the same sentence is an oxymoron. If you don’t know what that means, look it up!
  21. There are no simple solutions. Solutions are hard. They require sacrifices. That’s why nothing ever improves. Every simple “solution” that is attempted creates new problems, and the sum of those accumulated problems are finally about to spill over and drown us. A real solution these days is going to be way over our heads. And the worse things get, the simpler “solutions” people choose to believe in.
  22. Any line drawn between religion, philosophy and science is purely speculative. They feed off of one another. And all three need to be watered down a good deal for an average mind to grasp them – so much in fact that no part of the essence remains.
  23. Humans are stupid. I may be repeating myself here, but that may also be necessary considering how incredibly forgetful people are when it comes to things they do not want to hear.
  24. The things you most want to overhear are probably the ones you ought to be paying the most attention to. There is a reason why you don’t want to hear it after all.
  25. Humanity caused me to lose faith in humanity. I saw the potential, and I saw it degraded. And I realized that said potential is a purely hypothetical construction, held up to make us feel a sense of purpose that doesn’t actually exist. Nothing ever improves. Every advancement creates a new and slightly more complicated problem, and sooner or later we won’t be able to even temporarily solve said problems. 
  26. I don’t know why I even bother writing any of this down since I know it won’t change anything. 
  27. But what else would I do with my limited time that might make me feel a nonsensical sense of purpose?
  28. The single best invention in this world was that of alcohol. It is such a human invention. We can’t solve our problems, but we can get drunk and forget them. All is well, right?
  29. I am a sad attempt at a human being. I am sufficiently intelligent to describe problems, and not intelligent enough to describe the very complicated solutions I see to them. The simple “solutions” are so much easier to explain, which probably also explains why people so much more readily believe in them. Having been born too stupid to even see the problems in the first place would have been the happiest way to live. But again; at other people’s expense.
  30. The closest I can approximate happiness right here and now is to drink and once again envision a future that… well, actually exists.

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