My mom doesn’t understand Picasso.
She cannot understand
the urge to try something new
instead of mimicking others
when one knows
that one is talented enough
to perhaps be remembered
and ambitious enough
to want remembrance –

My mom looked at an early painting
of a woman in a mantilla
and exclaimed: “But he could paint,
and make things look just right!
Then why didn’t he?”

Because remembrance requires
that you don’t copy everyone else
and disappear in the crowd –
and the feeling that you are better
does not encourage drowning
in the sea of mediocrity –

Sure, Picasso could paint
anything he wanted to
in any style he wanted to –
he chose his path and 
shaped the art of today –

But my mom doesn’t like
the art of today –
she wants art to depict things
as they are
uncaring that we have
photography for that task
and art can be relegated
to depict thoughts and feelings
instead –

Picasso was ahead of his time
so much so
that even today
he still leaves some behind –

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