Does the cell think of the purpose of its existence as it wriggles its way around between its many brethren? Does it ever consider how small and fragile it is, or how and why it exists? No. It just exists. It moves around because that’s what it does. And that very action in inaction is the foundation of life. Thinking is disastrous on lower levels – it is a privilege of accumulated distance to one’s roots.


The cells spread, they merge and they divide. They create a pattern we cannot see with our eyes, but they create our eyes along with everything else. And, recently, we have started reversing the process.


The invisible fingers of the cells grasp hold of something. Something it would like to expand to – but it doesn’t know the meaning of ‘want’. It just acts. And something is born.


We enter the world screaming. But a cell cannot scream alone. It takes a multitude to create the mouth and the vocal cords necessary to create a voice – to enable a scream to come forth. The cells don’t know about that when they scramble around for their place – and yet it happens anyway in the fullness of time.


The cells divide to grow – and we see the results without really knowing that this is what we see. The cells don’t know either – they just go about their work as always. They just live, and then they don’t. That is all.


We ask ourselves continuously about the meaning of life. The cells just live. And by just living, enable the conditions that enable higher forms of life. No words needed.


A single weakened cell doesn’t matter. Another will take its place. It is not before many cells fail together that it creates problems.


Decay is a natural process that occurs in the fullness of time – knowing it exists drives growth and procreation. The cells divide in order to keep on living – copy their materials and place them in another. It works on a cellular level – but when humans attempt the same, the results are unpredictable. Your idea of living forever is not that of the cell, and as such, contrary to nature. And your child is not a clone.


Thoughts are really just transmissions between cells – little impulses passed back and forth that in themselves mean nothing without the reinforcement of many peers, and a context.


And if we look at the world from above, we have ourselves arranged our living quarters in cell-like structures. The nerve-cells of the cities that pulse with light and energy – and the streams that connect them.


The clustered matter of the Universe. The solar systems. The galaxies. No matter how far we zoom out we see the same structures. As if the Universe was meant for breeding life, but just didn’t quite succeed elsewhere.


And here on this planet, people talk and talk without ever listening. They are themselves the answer, but they just don’t understand it.


And meanwhile the cells quietly go about their business. One less here, one more there. Nobody will notice before quite a large amount goes missing. Nobody is any good or any use on their own.


The cell never wonders what life alone would be like. In the ocean of yore – way back when all cells existed alone and nothing ever happened. Before they learned to band together to create more sophisticated forms of life.


The hierarchy of life. That we have accumulated a sufficient amount of cells in our brains to be able to think, and therefore assume that we are worth more than single celled organisms – even though we are made from the exact same materials.

Nothing matters besides strength in numbers.


The cells create us. The cells make us. And yet they do not know. They could never see what they’ve created without eyes – and in order to create eyes for themselves they created us instead. In order to create brains for themselves they clustered together to create us. In order to be able to understand, they made a being other than themselves – out of themselves, and they got no further.


The internet is a cellular structure that only works if many devices – many servers – are transmitting. A single server alone is just a computer.

The human body is the same. A single cell alone is just a cell. Bring many together and you create a person.


How did this come to happen out of the primordial soup? The cells know nothing – they just sought strength in numbers. But isn’t that an answer in itself? The more the merrier.


And people are obsessed with being individuals and doing things by themselves even though their internal make-up is a hive like no other.


And people fear death even though parts of themselves continuously die from the moment they are born, and is just as quickly replaced. Just like they are replaced by other people once the whole person dies. Death is not an event – it is a process. But our eyes deceive us – they only see the final step.


I have been called a dreamer. The irony of that is that I simply see what is – it is other people who cannot see that dreams are less wondrous than scientific reality.


So how does the world actually work? I’ll give you a heads up; the keywords are:


How is it that so much has come from so little action? From no thinking but pure action? Imagine what we could achieve if we followed the same approach as our basic building blocks instead of wasting our time with words. Words have no consequence when weighed against such concepts as time and decay.


If consciousness causes so much trouble, and lack of consciousness causes such a wondrous world to appear, one might actually wish for unconsciousness every once in awhile.

Why do we try so hard when it is so unnecessary?


Close your eyes at what’s not there – and fade into reality. It is infinitely much more beautiful than anything you can imagine. Fade into it. You are it. There’s no escaping it.

I find it strange you never knew.


The cells spread, slowly and steadily throughout the world. They care little for our thoughts and musings about the world. They just go about their business of creating life. If they paused to think they’d never get on with anything – and we’d all be doomed.


So much in this world happens by accident. It is most curious that humans tend to fear accidents considering that we are the very product of them. Cellular accidents – accumulated over millions of years.
Accidents drive change. And life doesn’t exist without change.

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