That the following pieces of writing are named “essays” should be understood in the broadest possible sense of the word. Attempts at organizing my thoughts about various topics that’s one way or another related to art.

I have attempted to select and compile the following pieces several times, and it has taken me years to come up with the final version. It has been difficult for two reasons; 1) Because the scope broadened over time, from a narrow focus on poetry to a much broader scope hinting at art in general, and 2) Because every time I thought I had compiled the final version, I found myself writing new additions afterwards. I hope this will be the final “final version”. More or less.

Mind you, I can only write from my own point of view, and that is the point of view of a writer and an artist. Naturally, that influences my conclusions and my choice of topics. A literary critic would undoubtedly have approached the matter differently, and so too would an academic. I am neither. I very rarely entangle myself in theories – only when necessary to clear things up, as you will see. I prefer writing based on personal experiences I have had during the course of my work, and only expounding upon things that it is important for me to consider and express – as the following pages will show.

So be patient with the over-spilling mind of this artist. And do not search for truth and closure in the following essays – they are merely attempts at organizing my own thoughts about things that concern me and/or are directly related to my career. Consider them inputs to the millennia-old debate of the role and goal of art in itself, and art in society.

Published By: K-M Skalkenæs

K-M Skalkenæs is a Danish poet, writer and pictorial artist who primarily writes in English. Apart from publishing her own poetry, she also translated poetry from as well the Scandinavian languages as German into English.

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