New Poem: “Its’ Own Making”

There seems to be
in society
strict expectations to a poet’s production

I’ve often been told
that my poems
are useless to reform society

Why should I write
to reform society?

There’s tons of other people who
wants to do –
so why me too?

Why can’t you just let poetry
be poetry,
untarnished by political intrigues
and hollow statements

I have no wish to reform society
through such statements
aimed at a few people
with even fewer thoughts

I will much rather reform
each heart that has been hurt,
each eye that has seen horror
and turn tears of agony
to tears of joy

by removing layer by layer
the shadowy veil over people’s eyes

The veil that has been placed
partly by politics

And allowing them to reform themselves
at their own pace, in their own Way –
without signing them

each reader a poem


So that, when afterwards the ballots
have been forgotten
on a beautiful summer’s day
where happy, healthy people
have retired to the beach –
splashing in the water,
building castles in the sand,

all real –

the politicians will look at one another
and out through the toned glass sheets,
and none of them will understand
that it wasn’t
of its own making

Published By: K-M Skalkenæs

K-M Skalkenæs is a Danish poet, writer and pictorial artist who primarily writes in English. Apart from publishing her own poetry, she also translated poetry from as well the Scandinavian languages as German into English.

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